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Set and Forget

From: $6.25 / month

To keep it simple, The Naked Paw offers 2 meal varieties. Each meal is made from human grade muscle meat, organ and ground chicken frames combined with fruit, veggies, free range eggs, super oils and powders. Packaged in convenient resealable 500gm and 1kg options. Meals are delivered to you frozen to thaw and use as required.

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Step 1. Calculate how much your dog will eat:

Use the food calculator below to find out how much your dog will consume daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly. This is a recommended feeding guide of our products.

Use this information as a guide to place your order depending on your desired delivery schedule and how much you can store in your freezer.

* If ordering for multiple dogs, calculate their needs individually and combine totals to place your order.

* Remember we offer free delivery for orders over $50 so this may influence your selected delivery schedule.

Food Calculator

Step 2. Select a recipe:

You may select either chicken or kangaroo, however we recommend selecting the combination option to provide variety and more rounded nutrition for your dog.

Step 3. Checkout:

Go to your shopping cart to confirm your order and follow the prompts to checkout.

Step 4. Delivery:

Once checkout is completed you will be redirected to our delivery page to find out when your meals will be delivered.

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0.5 KG, 1 KG, 1.5 KG, 2.0 KG, 2.5 KG, 3.0 KG, 3.5 KG, 4.0 KG, 4.5 KG, 5.0 KG, 5.5 KG, 6.0 KG, 6.5 KG, 7.0 KG, 7.5 KG, 8.0 KG, 8.5 KG, 9.0 KG, 9.5 KG, 10 KG, 10.5 KG, 11 KG, 11.5 KG, 12 KG, 12.5 KG, 13 KG, 13.5 KG, 14 KG, 14.5 KG, 15 KG, 15.5 KG, 16 KG, 16.5 KG, 17 KG, 17.5 KG, 18 KG, 18.5 KG, 19 KG, 19.5 KG, 20 KG, 20.5 KG, 21 KG, 21.5 KG, 22 KG, 22.5 KG, 23 KG, 23.5 KG, 24 KG, 24.5 KG, 25 KG, 25.5 KG, 26 KG, 26.5 KG, 27 KG, 27.5 KG, 28 KG, 28.5 KG, 29 KG, 29.5 KG, 30 KG


Chicken Recipe Only, Combination, Kangaroo Recipe Only

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Fortnightly, Monthly, Weekly

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