Have you ever wondered about where dog food comes from (or at least the companies behind them).  The two main companies selling dog food in Australia are indeed giant international corporations – Mars and Nestle.

Take a moment to think about what their interests really are in your dogs health. Take a few minutes to really read the list of ingredients on the back of these bags/tins/packs.

These is a lot of conversation at the moment around transparency in the pet food industry from misleading labeling to major recalls in some big brands from contamination serious enough that dogs have died.

Is a confectionery company responsible for your dogs nutrition?

MARS Petcare brands

• Advance

• Pedigree  & Pal

• Royal Canin

• Nutro (natural Choice)

• Smackos

• Greenies

• Exelpet

• My Dog


• Purina

• Beneful

• Supercoat

• Michael’s Canine Creations